Ryback Defends Controversial Undertaker Rant

Ryback, the WWE star never holds himself back from giving his opinions on social media or in public irrespective of the issue. He recently addressed the controversial remarks made by the WWE legend, The Undertaker over WWE’s product.



On The Joe Rogan Experience, The Phenom had called the current WWE product “a little soft” and felt the current crop of wrestlers lack “an edge to them.”

Ryback responds to the criticism of The Undertaker

The Big Guy now took to his Twitter account and shared his thoughts on the comments made by the veteran.

He noted that the wrestlers from ths previous eras were different from what we have in the present. Moreover, the business has evolved and will continue doing the same.

He wrote:

“Listening to @undertaker on @joerogan and it’s a great listen. The men and women that came before us were cut from a different cloth and as humans we learn from our past. The wrestling business will continue to evolve and improve, but nothing but respect, incredible story!”


Previously, WWE Drew McIntyre has also responded to The Undertaker’s criticism as he had said that it is possible that The Phenom had made the comments about the characters and storyline but not about the in-ring product.

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