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Ryback says Independent Wrestlers are ruining pro wrestling


On episode 39 of his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, Ryback joined the ongoing debate among wrestling fans about Independent wrestling stars not reacting to moves accordingly.

He said that the independent wrestlers are ruining wrestling and claimed that top WWE Officials have now allowed the same in WWE as well:

“Independent [pro] wrestlers are ruining [pro] wrestling and it [has] carried over to WWE and Hunter and Vince have allowed it. It is much more controlled up there and it isn’t to say every independent wrestler, and this is one thing I’ve ripped on Cena for personal things, but the one thing that he was really good at was selling the basics really well.”

Continuing on the topic, The Big Guy said that the wrestlers not associated with a particular company are only shortening their careers by taking more bumps:

“These guys are killing it for themselves because it’s going to shorten their careers. They’re replacing one bump with five or six or seven bumps. And, like, you’re stupid and that’s the nicest way to say it.”

Furthermore, The Former Intercontinental Champion supported the recent comments of Randy Orton and stated that a wrestler not selling the moves is the problem:

“It’s awesome to do all that stuff, but the guys don’t sell anything. That’s the problem. If you sold, you wouldn’t have to do all that stuff. You’re throwing out the selling. That’s the big issue I find because selling slows everything down.”

Apart from this, the former WWE Star also talked about the Too Sweet gesture and joked about his WWE return.