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Ryback Has a Message for CM Punk


Ryback has never been CM Punk’s biggest advocate, but his stance to the Chicago native may now be softening. In an interview with the Kevin Eck at the PressBox he had this to say:

Recently, Colt Cabana and myself had a talk, and he was very apologetic, even though he never said anything. But it meant a lot to me because we always got along in the few encounters we had. I will never know why [Punk] chose to say the things he did, and it definitely didn’t help my career at that point. All I know is he was very banged up and miserable during the periods we worked together. I think people have to look at it this way: How many other people are out there saying that about me? I was always respectful of him in his time there, and before our runs together, he was always good to me. Working in the WWE, though, has a way to bring out the worst in everybody. I have made jokes [about Punk] over the years via social media, as it is fun to get a reaction from his followers from time to time, but if I were to ever see him, I would tell him, “If I really did ever hurt you [in the ring], I truly am sorry, but I don’t think it was the right thing to do to say the things you did.” Life is too short to hold grudges, and I truly wish him the best in his life.

  • CC

    Doesnt think Punk should have said those things, but constantly goes on and on in public, slating everyone else. Yup, Punk cannot say things in public because it upsets Ryback.

  • Solid

    Indeed, though considering what usually comes out of his mouth my first thought was “did someone coach/write this for him?”

  • oppa

    And that’s how adults handle their problems.