Ryback Thankful For Second WWE Opportunity, Kaitlyn Takes On Beth Phoenix, Meet Lita

– In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, cover-dated November 2012, WWE Superstars were asked what they are thankful for. In Ryback’s case it is WWE giving him a second opportunity.



“I’m thankful for WWE not giving up on my career, and instead offering me another opportunity to live my dream,” said Ryback. “They could have wished me luck in my future endeavors, but they didn’t. Instead, they gave me a second chance at life.”

Ryback’s current WWE run is actually his second with the organization. He was released from his first developmental contract, which he earned after competing on Tough Enough 4, in January 2007. He regrouped a year and a half later and resurfaced at WWE’s former developmental league, Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was re-signed to a developmental contract shortly thereafter and has been with the sports-entertainment company ever since.

– Two matches are featured on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars as Kaitlyn takes on Beth Phoenix and Michael McGillicutty goes one-on-one with Tensai. Highlights from the episode have been posted on WWE.com. The full episode is available on Hulu Plus.

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Amy “Lita” Dumas appears at Ken’s Cards & Collectibles 27 Mill Street Berlin, Ct. on Sunday, Nov. 11 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

– Rey Mysterio is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on WWE.com.

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