Ryback on WWE Cutting Off His Media Appearances, Leaving WWE Because His Brand Was Tarnished

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has released another episode of his podcast Conversation With The Big Guy. You can check out some highlights here:



On dedicating himself to the company and it not paying off:

“When you work for the WWE, it consumes your life and you have to be all in. And I let it consume my life and that was part of the reason I was so frustrated. When you dedicate and you give so much to something and you give yourself to them and you say, ‘work me to death – I want to be worked to the bone. I want media interviews on my days off. I want media every week. Every week, I want to do Monday and Tuesday interviews in the morning and on little sleep. I want to be all about this.’ And then, ‘no, we’re just going to cut off your media altogether.’ Like, it’s not a good feeling. And it’s like, ‘well, f–k you then. Go ahead – find someone else then. I’m going to use this work ethic for something else.’ And for me, letting that run out, be thankful for everything, now I can apply my energies to all these different things that I wanted to do for so long. And nobody can tell me ‘no’ anymore.”

On his brand being tarnished:

“‘Feed Me More’, that is what bothered me so badly about WWE because I can’t let that be tarnished. That is something I believe in too strongly and I’ve told them, ‘I want to do other things with brand.’ I go, ‘I cannot, we cannot, say that I’m a piece of s–t because that affects how my brand is perceived in other things.’ And that played a huge factor for me in walking out and wanting to leave.”

On ‘feed me more’ being more than just for pro wrestling:

“I created it and it’s something. You don’t, I don’t, create something to hand it over to somebody else. I refuse to and that’s the case. And that is who and what I am as a human being.” Ryback added, “‘Feed Me More’ is so much more than just wrestling. It’s a way of living life. It’s just waking up hungry each and every day, and being your absolute best, and being thankful.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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