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Sam Roberts will not apologize for his comments on Bianca Belair

  • jedi

    Sad how we simply ignore all the interference that she battled through & should have won the match…..

  • gar216

    He has a major show on SiriusXM and is a lifelong fan. Because of his SiriusXM show, his wrestling podcast gets better numbers than shows done by people in the business.

  • CC

    If he really spoke his mind, then that is beyond disrespectful, but I still say the way he delivered that line was scripted as hell.
    I am no fan of Bianca, but she did not deserve anyone going out there and cutting a line like that on her.

    I really have no idea why WWE has this Art Garfunkle lookalike on their panel anyway. It is not like he has any connection to the business other than running a podcast.

  • Kyle Abraham

    Here’s the thing, Sam Roberts is rs/was right/ Bianca was not ready for a title shot. Yes, she is a great athlete, but she is a decent wrestler at best. I have never been impressed by Bianca in the ring, I usually change the channel when she has a match (I also do this with John Cena, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns). She has plenty of room to improve, she’s young and athletic, and being married to Montez Ford offers her a mentor with enough experience to fill in the rest of the picture. I applaud Sam for speaking his mind and sticking to his guns

  • Soulshroude

    Who the hell is Sam Roberts and why do we even care about what he thinks?

  • The Random Reader

    Good for Sam Roberts standing his ground, he has the right