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Sami Callihan gets in altercation with security at AAW event in Chicago

Sami Callihan has become one of wrestling’s most polarizing and controversial figures in 2018. An incident involving Eddie Edwards got The Draw quite a bit of flack, but Callihan embraced the hate and uses it to fuel his character. However, things may have gone too far at a recent AAW event.

PWInsider reported that an altercation took place between Callihan and security at the Logan Square Auditorium on August 31 in Chicago. In his match with Jimmy Jacobs, the two went into the crowd, brawling to a stage near the ring used for musical events.

Callihan placed Jacobs under a drum riser and began placing chairs on top of him. These were not folding chairs, but plastic chairs owned by the venue. Before Callihan could finish the stunt, management grabbed a ring mic, demanding that Callihan stop breaking their chairs, which received boos from the crowd.

After the match, security attempted to throw him out, but Sami Callihan assumed it was a work, and started pushing and cursing them until one of the guards revealed that they had a gun, claiming they would shoot him if he didn’t stop.

Callihan would eventually leave, and AAW was almost thrown out of the venue completely.

Callihan has denied being thrown out by security.

  • CC

    Sadly this guy seems to live his character a little too much.

  • Rinn13

    This guy is such a tool and self-mark, it isn’t even funny.