Sami Zayn Details Brodie Lee Backstage Fight

Brodie Lee tragically passed away at the age of 41 last year and the whole world of professional wrestling mourned him. He left a void that is unlikely to ever get filled. Following his tragic demise, fans and wrestlers alike have shared numerous stories about how amazing of a person Lee truly was.



Dark Order member Evil Uno took to Twitter and answered questions from fans. One of them asked him what his favourite Broee Lee memory was. Uno said that at one time, Brodie Lee appeared at a pit stop Uno was at and instead of greeting him, Lee ran across a crowded cafeteria and started hockey fighting.

One time, Brodie Lee mysteriously appeared at a pit stop we stopped at. Instead of coming to say “hi”, he ran across a crowded cafeteria and started hockey fighting @MattMartelWWE#EvilUnoIsReallyGood

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn then replied to Uno’s tweet and revealed how much fun he had having hockey fights backstage with Brodie Lee, which would usually result in Sami laughing.

Brodie & I would hockey fight backstage all the time. We’d chirp at each other, using the word ‘bud’ a lot, then exchange cross checks, drop imaginary gloves, grab each other’s collars & lay in short jabs. Usually ended with him tagging me 2-3 times & me laughing “Ow Brodie WTF!”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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