Sami Zayn Physically Attacked By Woman In Video

WWE star Sami Zayn is certainly one of the most entertaining stars of the company. He never fails to amaze the fans and this time around a female WWE official hit Stone Cold’s iconic Stunner on Zayn at a recent live event in Greensboro.



Sami Zayn gets Stunned

At the WWE house show in Greensboro tonight (December 28), The Usos and Sami Zayn took on Braun Strowman, Ricochet, and Kevin Owens. The Six-Man Tag Team match ended with female WWE official Jessika Carr hitting a Stone Cold Stunner on Zayn, seconds after which Owens hit another Stunner on him. This was enough for the pin and a big victory for the babyfaces.

Check out the clip highlighting the epic moment:

Meanwhile, Sami Zayn recently spoke about how Johnny Knoxville saved their WrestleMania encounter. The fans witnessed how Zayn and Knoxville had a bitter rivalry leading up to the Show of Shows earlier this year. After a feud that involved Sami being attacked by a cattle prod, kicked out of a red carpet Hollywood premiere and having his phone number made available to the public, he faced the Jackass Forever star at WrestleMania 38 in an Anything Goes match.

In an exclusive interview with Metro, Zayn detailed that Johnny was quick to save the finish of the match when the giant mousetrap malfunctioned during their encounter.

“‘If there’s anything you’re gonna give him a lot of credit for, it’s saving that finish. Even a very seasoned performer – if that had even gone on one or two seconds longer, it would’ve killed the whole finish and killed the whole match,” he said.

Sami also mentioned that the biggest part of what made their WrestleMania encounter a success was that Johnny did not pretend to be a WWE Superstar. He explained that fans could clearly see that Knoxville was a Hollywood star trying to trick his way to a victory at the Grandest Stage of them All.

“The distinction in this one was clear. This guy is a non-wrestler, a non-athlete, and has tricks up his sleeve. Some credit to him – reluctantly – is due because he didn’t try to get in there and get out of his comfort zone too much in a way that he just wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

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