Samoa Joe ‘Buried’ Top WWE Name In Email

With the recent news of Samoa Joe being released by WWE for reasons not exactly known yet, it’s to be known that Samoa Joe may be extremely livid about this call by the higher ups at WWE. With new information piling in, we may have a clue to what Joe believes ruined his career. Vince McMahon ‘Regrets’ Samoa Joe Release?



Vince Russo recently revealed that he received an email from Samoa Joe years after a horrible angle Joe was involved in happened. The angle for TNA saw Joe being kidnapped by ninjas and thrown into a white van. At the end of the storyline, we would have seen Jimmy Snuka being the mad behind the kidnapping.

Vince Russo admitted that he and Eric Bischoff were the brains behind the storyline idea. Russo went on to reveal how he got an email from Samoa Joe years later, with Joe accusing Russo and the kidnapping angle of ruining his career.

Russo: “Years later, I get an email from Joe. This is prior to WWE now. He hadn’t gone to WWE and he’s writing to me in this email how I single handedly ruined his career by having him kidnapped and thrown in a white van. Number one, I never knew Joe thought this angle ruined his career. Number two, never had the conversation with me about it. Number three, I didn’t throw Eric under the bus because I didn’t work that way. So then finally after all these years I write back and say, keep in mind, this is before WWE and I’m like ‘Joe let me easy your mind. that’s not going to ruin your career.’ Did it suck? Was it horrible? Was it bad? Yes. Is it going to ruin your career? No.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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