Samoa Joe Calls Out Internet Reporters, “TNA Today” With Desmond Wolfe, D’Angelo Dinero

— It was recently reported that Samoa Joe was upset with TNA management because they did not use a friend’s catering business at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view. He is upset that the wrestling news websites apparently “falsely” reported this news and has personally responded to the reports by writing the following on his Twitter account:



“I often wonder how Wrestling news sites can call their posts “news” when they cannot cite sources or provide proof of what they say occurred? I’m not targeting anyone in particular. I’m just saying in normal journalistic circles sources and evidence are key aspects of journalism. I mean wrestling is a highly political game so you have to wonder what are these sources agendas? I’m just saying I know a few sites follow me I am interested in their take and their accountability policies. BTW I’m not a “sheet hater.” They bolster interest and discussion in the industry & I feel they have become a integral part of wrestling media. I get trashed & scrutinized everyday which is fine – IT’S PART OF MY JOB, but when people fabricate what I say about others, thats wank. I don’t want sheets to disappear. I just am calling for you to UP YOUR GAME, be better than what you are currently, Truth = Relevance.”

— The latest edition of TNA Today features an interview with TNA newcomer Desmond Wolfe. You can view TNA Today at the following link.

— D’Angelo Dinero is featured in the latest edition of TNA Live Events Center. Click here to view the video.

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