Samoa Joe Getting Major AEW Dynamite Offer?

Will we see Samoa Joe in AEW? Current AEW star, Christian Cage had a lot to say regarding the topic at hand when he was recently interviewed by Bleacher Report. Samoa Joe was one of the top shock releases that came out of WWE’s annual ‘spring cleaning’ of releases last week. During the interview, ‘Captain Charisma’ stated how the news of Samoa Joe being let go after calling WWE WrestleMania 37 surprised him and praised his versatility as a performer and athlete. Cage would also mention that there aren’t going to be a shortage of suitors for his services, including AEW. Could this mean that we will see Samoa Joe in AEW? Christian stated the following remarks. This WrestleMania 37 star could be quitting for AEW – is it Samoa Joe?



“That surprised me. Joe is a super-talented guy. You see it in the ring, and obviously he has tremendous verbal skills. He was a natural as a commentator as well. When you have that kind of multi-talented individual who can wear a lot of hats, that’s invaluable. He truly is, in my eyes, a top performer. He’s not going to have any shortage of suitors when the time comes, that’s for sure.”

Another personality who was surprised with the release of Samoa Joe is the Olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle. Angle. Angle was another superstar that was contacted by AEW in the past. Angle believed Joe would of been a top adversary for current WWE Champion – Bobby Lashley. He told Conrad Thompson the following. Credit to Fightful for he below quote.  Vince McMahon ‘Regrets’ Samoa Joe Release?

“Joe was a very intense individual, and I’m surprised they released him,” Angle said on his podcast. “Especially with Bobby Lashley right now, they need some guys to go up against Bobby, and I thought Samoa Joe would be a great person to represent that spot, but unfortunately, they did let him go and I’m not sure why.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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