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Samoa Joe on the WWE raiding the indies

Samoa joe

For a while now, WWE has built NXT and their main roster around top-tier indie talent. Wrestlers from ROH, PWG, Shimmer, and ICW, among other places, have filled out the company’s roster from top to bottom, leaving the company completely stacked in almost every division.

Samoa Joe recently discussed the subject with Pop Culture, stating that if the fans have a problem with the WWE doing this, they should blame the promotions for not paying them enough.

Hey, you know whose fault it is that your favorite wrestler got bought out? The company he was working for, cause they were too cheap to pay him what he was worth. So he should get paid what he’s worth, and if WWE comes and pays him what he’s worth, that’s on your sorry ass. Get the money right and start paying these dudes.

There are too many crazy talented dudes out there that aren’t getting paid, and if you have a problem with WWE making those dudes rich, you can kiss my ass, cause those dudes deserve to be rich, cause they’re talented as hell.

It’s funny, because people are like, ‘Oh, well that’s kind of messed up.’ No. No. That’s how you win. That’s why we’re the number one company in the world. You go out there and you get the best dudes. You don’t get mad at a tiger for being a tiger.

Samoa Joe is not one for pulling punches when it comes to topics like this. Samoa Joe’s departure from TNA stemmed from not getting to the level he felt he should be at in the company, but when TNA chants broke out at an NXT event back in 2016, Joe showed fans that there might’ve been another reason for him leaving.

How do you feel about the WWE taking the best talent from independent promotions? Let us know in the comments.

  • CC

    They are not trying to run the Knights out of business, or any other UK promotion for that matter, as they are working hand in hand with many of them.
    Why do you think that guys like Dunne can still perform on the UK indy circuit as well as in WWE?

    As for the comments about money. What you say is true to an extent, but it is obvious his comments are aimed at TNA and the fact that they offered long standing top tier guys less than previous contracts they had with them, which was the trigger for most of these guys up and leaving.
    You say Impact could not offer the sort of money to keep them there, well had they managed their money better, yes they could have offered more money. Some of the top guys in TNA were earning more than the lower card guys in WWE and on a less grueling schedule as well.

    Do you seriously think that guys like Hogan went to TNA on a lot less money than they could get in WWE?

    Panda had the money when they owned TNA, but they pulled the plug because Dixie and her band of idiots squandered the money they were given.

    Of course RoH and smaller indy talents cannot match a WWE salary, they do pay silly money to get guys to perform sometimes. Talking to UK promoters in the past, I have heard some scary prices asked by wrestlers to come over and perform. It might not be a regular pay cheque with one promotion, but hop between promotions, and some serious coin can be made, especially once merch is factored in.
    Even Ric Flair after he retired said that if done properly, you can make more on the indy circuit than in WWE, because all merch sales are yours, you can charge for signings etc and pretty much ask what you want to appear at a show, and if the promotion is up for it, they will pay it.

  • vintage gentleman

    You make some good points but you know Joe isnt reading this right

  • Rinn13

    Yeah, sorry Joe, but that’s not an intelligent thing to say. It’s one thing if you’re going to lay that criticism on ROH or Impact or Lucha Underground. And they do not have the money to compete with WWE money, so no, there’s no way they can afford to pay even their top guys what “big WWE stars” make. And taking a shot at ACTUAL indie promotions for not paying indie wrestlers what you are implying is something close to WWE money? That’s not even remotely realistic or feesible. Most indie promotions barely make enough to keep their doors open. Only a small handful of American indie promotions make enough money to even keep guys around or bring in “name” talents for them to work with.

    Are some indie promoters probably cheap and shortchange many indie wrestlers? Yup. But guess what, no one is forcing wrestlers to work for those assholes. The GOOD indie promotions, I’m sure, pay their talents as much as they possibly can, but the fact is, even the TOP indie promotion in the US doesn’t bring in but a fraction of what WWE makes. And frankly, WWE bringing in all these indie stars, just to keep them on NXT forever, or bring them up to the main roster but utterly waste them or barely use them, is a big reason WHY indie promotions can’t grow, because they can’t compete with WWE offers to their talent, so they can’t KEEP their top stars.

    And now WWE wants to start doing that internationally, starting in the UK. Which is ironic, because they produce a movie based on the Knight Family, but now they’re going to be running their own NXT-level shows in the UK, essentially trying to run the Knight’s promotion and others like them out of business.