Samoa Joe on the WWE raiding the indies

For a while now, WWE has built NXT and their main roster around top-tier indie talent. Wrestlers from ROH, PWG, Shimmer, and ICW, among other places, have filled out the company’s roster from top to bottom, leaving the company completely stacked in almost every division.



Samoa Joe recently discussed the subject with Pop Culture, stating that if the fans have a problem with the WWE doing this, they should blame the promotions for not paying them enough.

Hey, you know whose fault it is that your favorite wrestler got bought out? The company he was working for, cause they were too cheap to pay him what he was worth. So he should get paid what he’s worth, and if WWE comes and pays him what he’s worth, that’s on your sorry ass. Get the money right and start paying these dudes.

There are too many crazy talented dudes out there that aren’t getting paid, and if you have a problem with WWE making those dudes rich, you can kiss my ass, cause those dudes deserve to be rich, cause they’re talented as hell.

It’s funny, because people are like, ‘Oh, well that’s kind of messed up.’ No. No. That’s how you win. That’s why we’re the number one company in the world. You go out there and you get the best dudes. You don’t get mad at a tiger for being a tiger.

Samoa Joe is not one for pulling punches when it comes to topics like this. Samoa Joe’s departure from TNA stemmed from not getting to the level he felt he should be at in the company, but when TNA chants broke out at an NXT event back in 2016, Joe showed fans that there might’ve been another reason for him leaving.

How do you feel about the WWE taking the best talent from independent promotions? Let us know in the comments.

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