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Samoa Joe on voice acting, gaming, his feud with Roman Reigns

Roman Riegns Samoa Joe Royal Rumble

Samoa Joe will be facing his on again off again rival Roman Reigns this Sunday at Backlash. To hype the event, Joe spoke with, going into the details of his feud with Reigns, and his need to be at the top of the card, among other things.

Below are some highlights of the interview, which can be seen here:

On juggling multiple title shots and high profile matches at once: 

Honestly, I think I kind of brought it on myself. If anything, I feel like I like to be ambitious. It’s difficult in and of itself but it’s nothing that I wouldn’t have asked for.

On feeling validated still being near the main event picture after coming back from his injury:

To say that it would be validation would imply that I was seeking it and I wasn’t. I’ve always been aware of what I’ve been able to do and my ability to bring interest to a match and make people tune in and see.

To go out there and be one of the main guys and be ambitious, it’s all part of the game now and now is the time for me to do it.

The fans cheering him and booing Roman Reigns:

I don’t think it’s anything I didn’t expect. I’m not out there lying to anybody. I’m out there telling the truth. You may not like the way I deliver the truth, you may take umbrage with the way I handle most of my conflicts, but that’s the way I do business.

Roman knows how I play this game and it’s nothing he or the fans shouldn’t expect. It shocks me that people are still shocked I behave this way.

What games he’s playing at the moment:

I’ve been hijacked by “Battle Tech.” It’s a turn based-strategy game on PC, but I only have a few days before we start our next international job, so that’s taking up most of my time.

I play some “Fortnite” sometimes when I get home, I jump into a few games here and there. I think PUGB [Player Unknown’s BattleGround] is pretty popular. Trust me, a lot of gamers in our locker room, so they’re all up on the good stuff.

Voice acting in the new Transformers cartoon:

We had to do a lot of recording in off-site studios and stuff, but a lot of readings and the dialogue, getting to work with those dudes was cool, especially with Mark Hamill. When you look at his work in animation, he’s awesome. He’s a different level.

I’ve done a bit [of voice acting], mainly with video games. I did the Telltale “Game of Thrones” series. I voiced some stuff for “DotA” and will have some stuff coming up for them. It’s definitely a side hobby and it’s something I enjoy if I get the opportunity.

Samoa Joe joins a voice cast featuring Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman in g Transformers: Power of the Primes, in which he’ll be voicing Predaking.

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