Samoa Joe ‘Secret’ Meeting With Triple H Leaks

Samoa Joe may be heading back to WWE. WWE seem to be tucking their tail between their legs and admitting that they messed this one up. They better work quickly if they want to ensure that Samoa Joe is on their roster instead of AEW. Charlotte Flair ‘Leaving’ WWE Bombshell Leaks. reported: “In an update on this story, officials in NXT have confirmed that Samoa Joe was briefly at the WWE Performance Center this week. We were not told why he was there. We did get confirmation there have been pitches within NXT to use Samoa Joe, however.” Triple H runs NXT and is frequently at the Performance Center.

This coincides with another report that has stated that WWE are calling back some personnel that they have recently let go of as they are now finding out that the spots that they had gotten rid of for are now needed to fill as live shows are going to become more and more prevalent as everything starts to open back up across the country.

Billi Bhatti had also previously reported weeks ago that WWE were feeling the loss of stars that they have let go and were changing their mind on many releases. We will have to see if Joe is the only one brought back or if there will be more.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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