Samoa Joe Talks What Drew Him to NXT, His Ambitions for Hollywood

WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe was recently interviewed by AM New York to promote a previous NXT event in New York. You can check out some highlights here:



On what drew him to NXT:

“I knew NXT was really, really gaining a lot of steam, it was kind of exploding and making kind of this tremendous impact on the industry in general. To be there and help further that movement and further that expansion was very, very interesting to me. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the forefront of new brands expanding the industry and building things from scratch and from the ground up, and NXT is very much the same environment. It’s a really awesome environment to work in. You get this crazy opportunity to be on the ground floor of something and really establish it, and make it a bigger presence in the industry. It’s just fun, man. There’s a revolutionary energy behind it and it’s really invigorating for me as well as NXT.”

On his Hollywood ambitions: 

“Currently, I do a lot of voice acting in the video game sector, [like] “The Game of Thrones” game. I’ve been involved in the acting world before, I’ve had the opportunity to do a little bit of stunt work for CBS, it’s something that’s definitely there. My energy and my focus is definitely on WWE right now. … As far as typecasting goes, I won’t be portraying a dentist, but as you said, there’s been tremendous changes in the world of Hollywood and you never know what opportunity might come your way.”

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