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Samuel Shaw On His Time In TNA, Being Lost In The Shuffle And His Character

Former TNA superstar Samuel Shaw recently spoke with Mark Suleymanov of about his time in TNA. Here are the highlights.

Being lost in the shuffle at TNA:

“Some unfortunate circumstances occurred and everybody sort of knows I was sort heavy in a storyline with Santana Garrett – who was Brittany,” said Shaw. “We were in between TV deals, going from Spike TV to Destination America and we had some contracts coming up and I think she chose not to re-sign with TNA. That puts a damper on some future plans going forward [because] you gotta hit the reset button and while you’re hitting the reset button, you have 10 other talents they have plans for and look here, they have two-or-three new talents coming in. So my stuff got put on the back burner.”

His character limiting him:

I think so,  I don’t want to sound negative, I just thought it felt like being boxed in a corner. My character was presented and had a couple of feuds which didn’t really showcase a lot of wrestling. It was a lot of backstage vignettes, it was a lot of promos. To be honest with you, my presentation of the character, I was trying to do anything and everything possible not to be liked, in a sense. I didn’t want to have any cool moves or a finishing maneuver where people go ‘ooh and ahh.’ Because then they start liking you, you know what I mean?

Potentially working for Lucha Underground:

“I have not made it a secret that I was blown away by their product. To me, it was the most compelling wrestling on TV that I saw this past year. I loved the backstage vignettes, it was shot more like a movie and had a different vibe to it. Definitely more edgy and immediately felt like, this is somewhere I could thrive.

You can read the entire interview here.