Santino Marella Daughter Posts Naughty Photos

Arianna Grace(real name Bianca Carelli), who is the daughter of former WWE star Santino Marella, recently took to her Twitter account and posted a picture in red lingerie for Christmas.



Carelli had signed with WWE back in February of this year. She eventually debuted in April and was an active in-ring competitor in NXT for the next few months. However, she hit a roadblock as Grace revealed back on October 13 that she had suffered an injury and that it would require surgery. In an interview with Fightful, Marella gave a bit of an update on Grace’s recovery from surgery:

“Interesting enough, when you have surgery, everyone’s recovery is not the same. She seems to be doing exceptionally well with regards to her recovery. Sometimes it’s a genetic thing with regards to inflammation, range of motion. The hardest thing with any injury is your mindset and its devastating being away from something you’re passionate about and you’re working really hard at. But it’s a waiting game now. She’s hitting the rehab and we’re hoping come the spring, she’s back at it. It’d be nice to come back. Any time you’ve had time away when you make that initial comeback, it’s a nice moment, I think she has enough momentum from where she left off at NXT that it’ll be a meaningful comeback and she’ll have a good experience.”

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