Sarah Palin Tries To Start Violent Fight For Trump

As revealed by a video, Sarah Palin has made it clear she wants Donald Trump supporters to rise up and get angry in order to take the country back.


Sarah Palin just pushed the idea of a civil war and encouraged Trump supporters to “get angry” and “rise up to take our country back.” This rhetoric needs to end. This stuff is just going too far. We are America. We are one! Stop calling for civil war. Stop implying that we are on the brink of Civil War. We are not. Just Stop! Specifically Palin said: “Do you want us to be in a civil war? Because that’s what’s going to happen.We’re not going to keep putting up with this, and Eric, I like that you suggest that we need to get angry. We do need to rise up and take our country back. I would say the RNC thought, that’s what’s lacking when it comes to collective anger that can be health, and it can be useful… What do they want as an outcome of this? Civil War?” Why do some people seemingly want to have a Civil War in this country?

According to Yahoo, Sarah Palin made strong remarks that hinted at the possibility of a potential civil war during a recent interview. Her statements encompassed criticism not only towards Democrats who are pursuing legal action against Donald Trump but also aimed at what she referred to as the insufficient defense of Trump by certain factions within the Republican Party.

Speaking to Newsmax host Eric Bolling, Palin expressed her concerns about the trajectory of the country. She emphasized that the ongoing prosecution of Trump might be pushing the nation towards a perilous divide, and she urged citizens to “rise up and take our country back.”

Bolling’s inquiry about Trump’s recent fingerprinting and mug shot in Atlanta prompted Palin to deliver a pointed response. She directed her criticism towards those she deemed responsible for what she labeled a “travesty” and the creation of a perceived dual-tiered justice system. Palin even posed a direct question to them, pondering if their actions were steering the nation towards a state of civil unrest. She asserted that the continued imposition of such actions would eventually push people to their limits, leading to dire consequences. Palin appreciated Bolling’s suggestion that a sense of anger was necessary, indicating that the need for citizens to stand up for their rights was paramount.

While expressing her concerns about the Democrats, Palin also leveled significant criticism at members of her own party for not mounting a stronger defense of Trump. She castigated the Republican National Committee for what she saw as a lack of collective anger and assertiveness. She criticized the RNC for not fully utilizing their financial resources and platform to support Trump’s cause, labeling some of its members as “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs). This term is often used by some GOP members to brand those who are perceived as disloyal to Trump’s vision and policies. Palin’s frustration with these elements within the Republican Party was evident as she demanded that they rally and align themselves more forcefully in support of their ideals.

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