Sasha Banks AEW Dynamite Backstage Rumor Leaks

Sasha Banks is in Boston, and many speculated it was for AEW Dynamite, but the truth has been revealed in a tweet seen below about Sasha’s new major project.

Bodhi Hayward was recently released from WWE alongside Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, Damaris Griffin, and Ru Feng. Brady Booker (AKA Bodhi Hayward) was prominently featured in the programming being part of Chase U for 18 months. He was recently written off TV with Duke Hudson replacing him in the group. He was signed in August 2021, and his last TV match was a win with Andre Chase over Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes on September 20.

Booker opens up on WWE

“Every time I look back, from football to wrestling, [I think] ‘All right, Brady, we got really close to what we wanted,’ the NFL, the main roster,” he told Steve Fall of Ten Count.

Prior to joining WWE, Booker excelled in the football program at the University of South Dakota. In August 2021, Booker officially joined World Wrestling Entertainment, before reporting to “NXT” with aspirations of one day making a main roster debut.

Booker continued on to say that he “got too comfortable maybe, and that life said, ‘screw that and let’s get uncomfortable again because that’s where I perform best.'” Despite the shakeup of his release, Booker admitted he feels he performs best under the “fight or flight” kind of pressure, and is confident in “mak[ing] the most out of myself.”

“I feel that maybe they (WWE) want me to create my own following. Maybe they want me to become my own star,” he said. “So if that’s what I have to do, I can show that I can do all those things from guys like [Andre] Chase helping me out. I want to say that I can’t thank him enough. I love him for letting me be able to do that, and unfortunately, out of left field, it was cut short.”

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