Sasha Banks AEW Dynamite Text Messages Leak

The pro wrestling world is a dangerous business as pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every week to entertain their fans. Their bodies go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and it is no shock if a pro wrestler gets injured at any moment during a match. This happened to several WWE Superstars as well, many of whom had to end their careers permanently. Paige also leaked a mugshot photo to WWE fans earlier in the year.



Earlier this year, Paige took to social media and shared that come July 7th, she became officially be a free agent as her time with WWE ended  The World Association of Wrestling promotion announced that Paige is scheduled to appear at their October 15th show in Paige’s hometown of Norwich. Paige last appeared for WAW in 2011. She was in action in November of that year and teamed with her mother to take on Allison Danger and Alex Windsor.

Former WWE Star Paige debuted on AEW Dynamite, where she came out as her real name of Saraya to a huge pop from the crowd. She then recently announced that she has been cleared for an in-ring return.

Speaking on Renée Paquette’s ‘The Sessions’ podcast, Saraya shared that when she and Britt Baker brawled at the anniversary show in Washington D.C., she was not cleared to bump and did not tell Dr. Sampson she was going to get physical but he was fine with it as long as it was not a bump.

And then the first person I texted as well was Mercedes, Sasha [Banks].

So I text her, she was one of the first people I text because I’m like, of all that stuff, that can mentally f*ck someone up to end someone’s career and a lot of people pit us against each other after that. All her fans would attack me, all my fans would — well not all my fans. There’s a very small percentage. But they would tag each other and they’re always the loudest, right? So they would just go at it and they still go at it and then, you know, they still send me tweets being like, ‘I’m so happy Sasha broke your neck’ and then people tweeting at her being like, ‘How dare you end someone’s career. You’re being unsafe.’ She’s not unsafe. It’s an accident. It happens in wrestling.

That’s what we sign up for but I told her, ‘I just wanna let you know…’ I’ll probably read the text actually. She was so sweet too. I just said, ‘Hey sis, I just wanna let you know since this whole thing was really tough on you mentally but my doctor just cleared me and told me my neck is 100 percent ready to go. I haven’t told anyone else but I know this will make you feel good. I’m back. Haha’ and she was just like, ‘I’m so happy.’ Like over the moon and stuff like that and I just said to her, ‘I don’t want you to feel bad anymore.’ I had that period of time away and actually, it was for the best in the long run because I had time to really focus on myself, get healthy, get sober so I could start branching out and doing other things and so yeah, I just felt like it was meant to be and you know, my neck healed in record time. It’s five years and I’m officially back and I think that’s pretty f*cking inspiring.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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