Sasha Banks Dressing Room Photo With Mickie James Revealed

Sasha Banks recently posted a dressing room photo with Mickie James and Melina, mentioning the ‘forbidden door.’



The Undertaker is a true legend in the world of professional wrestling as he gave more than thirty years of his life to the business. He ended his career at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view last year, bringing an end to his legacy. His last match was against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in a Boneyard Match, which received a lot of critical praise and also praises from fans and WWE Superstars alike. The Undertaker teaming up with fired WWE Superstars was also leaked previously. 

The Phenom has worked with the top pro wrestlers in the history of the business throughout the years and has had great matches with many of them. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has the final say in anything and everything that goes on in the company, for better or worse. Vince McMahon also sabotaged Jon Moxley’s matches.

Vince McMahon recently spoke on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Mick Foley’s former tag team partner Maxx Payne revealed that Vince McMahon wanted his personality to change as he had similarities with The Undertaker.
“They didn’t want me to be Maxx Payne because it was too close to The Undertaker. To me, that was the biggest f***ing mistake you could have made, in my opinion, because imagine the great f***ing feuds Taker and I could have had, and then ended up being partners. He loves heavy metal too

The Undertaker’s contributions forever are remembered and that is what matters in the end. In other news regarding the deadman, during a recent appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE, WCW, and ECW superstar Shane Douglas stated how he would quit World Championship Wrestling after losing to the Undertaker during his days as ‘Mean’ Mark Callous. Credit to Sportskeeda for the below below.

“I go looking for Jim Ross. As I’m looking for Jim Ross, I run into Teddy Long and Undertaker, Mark Callous then. He [Teddy Long] is a manager at this point. He’s like, ‘Yeah, Shane, tonight you’ll be working with Mark Callous. He’s gonna beat you in two minutes with a heart punch.’ I went, ‘I’ll put him over but I won’t put him over that way.’

The match was scheduled to be a two-minute squash match and while, according to Douglas, he was happy to put the soon-to-be Undertaker over he disagreed with how the manner of how the match was planned.

“He said, ‘Shane, you’ll do what you’re told tonight and like it.’ I said to him, ‘Then watch me walk the hell out of here.’ Then I threw a garbage can at him and go and get my bag. Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, and Johnny Ace all tried to stop me and said, ‘Don’t walk out on this contract.’”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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