Sasha Banks admits to fantasizing about Sheamus and farting on MTV’s TRL

Former WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks visit to MTV’s TRL yesterday was interesting to say the least. Banks appeared alongside rapper Justina Valentine and discussed Asuka and Sunday’s Royal Rumble:



“We have the Women’s Royal Rumble coming up this Sunday on the WWE Network, so we were just throwing it down. Letting people know what’s gonna happen this Sunday and, ah, Asuka [does “I’ve got eyes on you” gesture]… I’m gonna against 29 other women but she’s the one I want to touch me.”

All seemed above board until Banks and Valentine competed in a ping pong balls game called “Sink or Spill” where The Boss called herself out as a farter and admits that the man she used to fantasize about when was younger was WWE star Sheamus!

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