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Sasha Banks on Being Frustrated with the WWE Product as a Youngster, Not Liking the Term ‘Women’s Wrestling’

  • Madden

    thus is why her dream will remain a dream forever.

  • MrDr3w

    It would be bye-bye investors, shareholders, and corporate sponsorships.

  • D2K

    And take ALL of the bumps at the same exact level. Seriously. Even though this is a predetermined combat event, you at least are trying to give the illusion of reality. How realistic is it for male wrestlers to sell offense to someone that weighs less than their last bowel movement? It’s not like someone who was formidable physically such as Chyna, Nicole Bass, or Awesome Kong. Or even women that were just tough as nails such as Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Sherri Martel, and Jacqueline.

    Besides that, no one would tolerate men wrestling women. If you gave me a week I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the problems that would come with that.

    This whole idea reeks of trying to push an agenda rather than give the fans a great entertaining match.

  • MrDr3w

    Yeah, and they already had work in Japan, Mexico, and TNA, the anti-WWE. Like AJ Styles said, it’s not about the money in WWE. It’s about him being happy, and People in Japan, Mexico, and TNA are happy where they are. Vince having the resources to hire them has nothing to do with it. Models, huh? What about Natalya? Nia Jax? They weren’t models before WWE. But Trish and Victoria were. That right there is proof that you can get it done if you just put in the work, which the women these days do not do.

  • Madden

    Only way she gets what she wants is when women get in the ring and battle the guys.

  • pitfallharry219

    Uh, it kinda is Vince’s fault because he was the one hiring models with no wrestling experience to put on lingerie pillow fight matches.

    Despite what you may think, there were actual good women wrestlers before the 4 Horsewomen got to the WWE. Vince just wasn’t hiring too many of them.

  • Lucha Underground 4 Life

    If he I mean she wants to be treated equal then I’m sure Dario Cuteo would love to have him I mean her in the ring against his baby brother the Monster Matanza Cueto., or should she have a match against the real creepy “no means no” Marty the Moth Martinez.

  • PJ

    Omg I’m so sick of these treat us as equals bs,lets all be honest here nobody CARES,what is this supposed to be a civil rights movement?Sasha Banks shouldn’t even be a dam baby face her promos suck and she always crying.nobodyy wants to see u cry all the time.god

  • D2K


  • MrDr3w

    It’s not Vince’s fault that her co-workers with less-than-mediocre skills have created a negative stigma associated with “women’s wrestling”. She needs to watch what she says in these interviews. AJ Lee’s and Paige’s fates were pretty much sealed when they started speaking out against TPTB.

  • D2K

    “We say things like ‘women’s wrestling’ and ‘women’s revolution.’ I hope one day it’s not ‘a good women’s match.’ I don’t want the women’s wrestling part. I just want to be equal to my partners. Why can’t we be treated equal?. I think once we get a women’s main event at a pay-per-view and you drop ‘women’s wrestling,’ that will prove we are on the same level.

    MM-K. So for your next match why not try a Hell-In-The-Cell against Brock Lesnar. Remember. Gotta be EQUAL