Sasha Banks ‘Furious’ With Bad Outfit In Photo

WWE star Sasha Banks is very choosy about her in-ring attire and it is evident from a incident shared by her husband  and designer Sarath Ton (aka Mikaze) who does the gear for the ‘Boss’.



Sasha Banks had slammed her old outfit

Mikaze during his appearance on Renee Paquette’s  Oral Sessions revealed that Banks once did not like her in-ring outfit which she chose not to wear ever again. WWE SummerSlam In ‘Two Cities’ Rumor Leaks

He always make sure that the design of the attire which the former SmackDown Women’s Champion would sport is new and fresh.

As a matter of fact, Mikaze revealed that he created her gear the way people see the release of new Jordan shoes. Sasha Banks WWE ‘Boyfriend’ Storyline Leaks

He spoke about the time when Sasha Banks was part of Money In the Bank pay-per-view back in 2018 and had wore a ring gear which she was not a fan of. She had ditched wearing it following the event.

He said:

“Nine out of ten times, we’re usually on the same page. There was one time where I got reamed out by her. It’s one of my favorite sets, but she hates it so much. [It was] navy green and yellow for Money in the Bank 2018. She really wanted to do something royal for that. We ordered this fabric and get it all set. The fabric came in and it did not look like the way we needed it to. I had a week left and had to go with what was on my shelf. I put something together and I love it because it looked so good on her skin tone and pops so well, but it wasn’t what she wanted. I heard about it for a long time. She never wore it again.”

Banks recently main evented first night of WrestleMania 37 against Bianca Belair but in a losing effort and thus relinquished the SmackDown Women’s Title.

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