Sasha Banks Hides Nothing In Photo With Dog

Sasha Banks recently posted a photo with her dog at the gym, where she isn’t hiding much. You can view it below.



On the episode of the hit podcast, ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ last year, our two best sources to any and everything professional wrestling, Billi Bhatti and Vince Russo weigh in on what is happening in the crazy world of sports entertainment. We will be discussing how Sasha Banks and others possibly got the short end of the stick for WrestleMania as attendance just wasn’t up to par at all. Let’s dive into this.

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At this point in the show, Vince and Billi are discussing the most recent WrestleMania which happened during the pandemic which caused low ticket sales, but also some other issues caused low sales as well.

Bhatti: “Going back to the irony of this – I’ve heard podcasts who have called this completely wrong. They said this is ‘the new generation WrestleMania it was so good to see Bianca and Rhea Ripley sticking it out with Roman and all the young guys and no Undertaker or Cena,’ this is what the podcasts were praising.”

Bhatti continues: “They thought they would do 25,000 fans a night without having to have all these people there, but they could only do 25,000 combined for two nights. This is a f*****g disaster. I can’t even explain how bad this is.”

During a recent interview with WrestleTalk, Sasha Bank’s long-time rival Bianca Belair discussed her historic WWE WrestleMania 37 main event matchup against ‘The Boss’. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“It was very special,” said Belair. “It’s gonna go down as one of my favorite matches of my entire career, if not my favorite match. Also to just get in the ring with Sasha Banks for one, she calls herself ‘The Boss’ and she lives up to that. She is that. She pushed me to my limit, she brought the best out of me.”

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