Sasha Banks ‘Humiliates’ Goldberg In Video

Goldberg is one of those stars that you either love or you hate. Many people love Goldberg and many people hate the guy. This isn’t just a common running theme amongst fans young and old. This has been going on for years in the locker room as well. Some would find joy in Goldberg botching something or humiliating himself with a huge upset in a match. One star thinks that can happen and it will happen in less than ten seconds. WWE & AEW Getting Competition From New Company.



Goldberg is the punching bag usually for many wrestling jokes. Even Sasha Banks is now taking a jab at the legendary WCW and WWE star. Sasha feels that Bobby Lashley can take out Goldberg in an extremely quick manner.

Sasha recently stated the following about the two ‘big men’ in a recent interview: “If I’m gonna choose him as my partner then I’m gonna choose him to win! I choose Bobby Lashley. Goldberg, where has he been? Where has he been? Goldberg matches are always short and sweet, so I expect at the last, Bobby just hitting him with the one… two… three. That’s gonna be a five-second match.”

Sasha also said a dream partner of hers is Bobby Lashley, as she stated, certainly she would choose him to beat Goldberg as well. Special thanks to SportSkeeda.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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