Sasha Banks Humiliates WWE Fan At Convention

Mercedes Mone and Trinity Fatu’s departure from WWE has continued to be a topic of interest among fans, even though they left the company well over a year ago. However, it appears that Mercedes, formerly known as Sasha Banks, is not particularly eager to delve into the details surrounding her exit.



Currently associated with NJPW and recuperating from an ankle injury, there’s speculation that she might eventually make her way to AEW. It seems she’s preparing to share her side of the story, but on her own terms and timeline.

At a recent signing event, a curious fan inquired about the reason for her departure from WWE, attributing it to the company’s creative direction. Responding in a confrontational manner, Mercedes challenged the fan’s assumption with a sharp “Was it?!” and emphasized that the narrative was far from the truth.

When the fan mentioned having read about it, she replied with sarcastic laughter and a firm “no,” making it clear that she wasn’t interested in discussing the matter at that moment. She hinted at forthcoming revelations in a book and an interview, redirecting the fan to these sources for more insights.

In response to the persistent questioning, she retorted with a dismissive remark, implying that the fan should stick to reading fiction books, presumably alluding to the speculative nature of the rumors surrounding her WWE departure. Despite her reluctance to engage further, she graciously signed items for the fan, maintaining her stance on not addressing the circumstances surrounding her exit from WWE.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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