Sasha Banks In Trouble For The Rock Tweet

Mercedes Mone has worked tirelessly to establish herself as one of the best female professional wrestlers in the world today. Her career skyrocketed after she left WWE and made her debut in NJPW earlier this year. As the current IWGP Women’s Champion, Mone’s popularity and fan base have only continued to grow with each passing week, thanks to her numerous interviews and appearances.



However, Mone recently found herself at the receiving end of a brutal backlash from fans after she referred to herself as the female version of The Rock after she was compared to Jon Moxley. Although this statement was most likely made in character as a heel, it did not sit well with many fans.

Social media was flooded with tweets from fans who vehemently rejected the notion that Mone could even come close to being compared to The Great One. They expressed their disapproval of Mone’s statement, with many calling it disrespectful and delusional.

Despite the backlash, Mone remains one of the most talented and popular female wrestlers in the industry today. Her skills and accomplishments speak for themselves, and her future in the business looks bright. It remains to be seen whether she will address the backlash or choose to move on and continue to focus on her career.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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