Sasha Banks is confident WWE will make her team up with Bayley again

The world of professional wrestling is an unpredictable one as anything can happen at any time. The friendship between Sasha Banks and Bayley met a bitter end when Bayley turned on Banks a few months ago. Banks eventually went on to defeat Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. However, it seems the two are far from finished.



Banks spoke to Fox Sports, where she was asked whether she believes WWE will make her team up with Bayley again in the future. She said that she is certain it will happen and joked that WWE will eventually make them get married to each other.

“Knowing WWE, absolutely. It is so crazy here. Girl, do you not know what I do for a living? Of course, anything is possible here.

“We will be best friends, probably by tomorrow. This is WWE. They’ll probably make us get married. Who knows? Maybe next year. It’s WWE.”

Banks is likely to defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Carmella at WWE TLC.

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