Sasha Banks Leaks ‘Bad’ Vince McMahon Photo

Sasha Banks has always been cool with Vince McMahon. She never has really said too much bad on him like many superstars have said about The Boss (the McMahon boss that is) have in the past. Sasha seems to care for Vince so much, in fact, that she just put up this photo of him on her Instagram that show the two truly are one in the same…WWE Stars Caught Using Steroids.



Sasha Banks posted up a funny photoshopped photo of Vince McMahon on her Instagram story recently which shows the two bosses. Now, it doesn’t exactly show Sasha and Vince together, but it shows Sasha and Vince TOGETHER. That’s right, a follower of Sasha’s sent her a photo of the two morphed together.

In the photo we see Vince standing in the ring as he has Sasha’s legendary multi-colored hair flowing over his shoulders. Vince doesn’t seem to happy to have such glorious hair, but I think the two bosses go very well together.

Vince could stand to learn a thing or two about how to get such great, flowing, and vibrant hair from such a superstar like Sasha Banks. I’m sure he would grow to love the new look that many would surly embrace.

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