Sasha Banks Major Smackdown Hiatus Update

Sasha Banks hasn’t been seen on Smackdown for some time now. Banks started to ease out of the picture from being a main-stay on TV after she suffered a huge loss from Bianca Belair at the latest WrestleMania…Velveteen Dream ‘Car Accident’ News Leaks.



The latest WrestleMania saw Sasha Banks succumb to a huge loss to Bianca Belair after Belair pulled out all of the stops in order to get the win over The Boss. The most impressive part about the match was Belair whipping Banks so hard her hair that it echoed throughout the arena and left a huge welt on Banks.

Banks is now taking to Twitter to seemingly announce her comeback. This was a long time coming as Billi Bhatti had recently stated that Banks would be taking time off in order to do a “reset” on things by letting Belair play out her newest feud while Banks faded into the background a little bit.

Bhatti did state that Banks would be back eventually and go for the title again that she had lost to Belair originally.

On Sasha’s Twitter, she posted a gif of her with the title with “Sasha Banks” in the Smackdown font which can be seen at the bottom of the gif. It seems The Boss is on her way back.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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