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Sasha Banks makes her WWE return on RAW

  • Mark Webb

    Should have stayed away predictable creative hence why I don’t watch current product

  • jaymurf

    Glad Sasha is back but what’s the deal with the hair, purple then blue, what is wrong with her natural brown or even the brown with blonde highlights I saw which looked awesome.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    How many times did Steve Austin walk out?

  • BiggEZ

    You might call her a cry baby, but sometimes you’ve got to “cry”, “bitch” and “moan” to get what you want from your employer, especially when your company isn’t the only game in town. AEW may or may not succeed, but at least now the WWE wrestlers have an option. It seems that for now, Sasha got what she wanted and the fans may get the female version of Rock/Austin.

  • CC

    Banks should never have been a baby face. Fans love her as a heel, and getting her back to that was always gonna generate a huge pop.
    Natalya just does not have any fan support, even in her home country (at least not major support).

    Once the feud gets underway more, I am sure the Becky support will regain its momentum, but last night there was no way on Earth that Becky was gonna get anywhere near the pops Banks got because this is what the fans have wanted from Banks since she turned face.

  • CC

    This is proof of what many have said all along. When Banks debuted on the main roster she was a heel, and she had huge fan support. So of course WWE turned her face, and that was where she started to lose fans.
    Some people are just better as heels and will actually get more fan support in that position.

    It also reinforces what I said elsewhere while watching Summerslam. Renee Young claimed prior to the match that Natalya will have home field advantage, yet when she came out she barely even got a pop while Lynch got all the chants. Last night the crowd was chanting “boring” during Natalyas long winded promo, proving once again that she is awful at promos and just does not have fan support, local or not. She is another natural heel. The only way she even remotely got them on side was because she mentioned her dad, but seconds later while taking a beating, the crowd is chanting “thank you Sasha”.

    Banks also got cheered for beating on Becky, which might seem unusual, but when you have a return like that, it is always gonna leave things out of whack. Plus, the whole Seth/Becky relationship crap we have had to put up with thanks to horrible WWE booking, hurt both Seth and Becky. But as we saw at Summerslam, Seth was able to turn things around and regain fan support, so lets see where this Sasha/Becky feud can take both women.

  • Sparti Love

    I’m glad she’s back as a heel

  • ROB-1.

    The cry baby is back, but for how long?

  • Keith Learmonth

    I remember a bunch of people called me an idiot a couple of months ago when I said “She’ll probably be back right around Summerslam”.

    I was off by one day. Haven’t we learned, Vince is predictable?

  • oppa

    The fact that they cheered her beating up Natalya in Canada and that a good chuck of the audience cheered her beating up Becky says a lot.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    About time