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Sasha Banks opens up on her recent marriage and why she kept it a secret

Sasha banks

Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks got married to her longtime boyfriend Sarath Ton last year, but she kept it very much under wraps. During a recent appearance on former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia’s podcast Making Their Way To The Ring, Banks explained her decision to keep her marriage a secret, citing fear of criticism from the WWE Universe for her decision (all quotes courtesy of Cageside Seats):

“Okay, you know what? Yes. I’ll tell you. You’re the first one I’ve admitted it to. I am married. I just hide it because our fans are so crazy sometimes, you know? … I don’t know, I just think fans are just so crazy. I see what they write to him on Twitter, and I don’t like that stuff. If you’re saying he’s ugly, or he shouldn’t be with me because of this or that, that hurts me, you know? … I just don’t like that he gets… he reads that every day, you know what I mean? And he’s such an amazing person.”

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  • D2K

    I agree. Paige and ADR is a lot like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Away from each other they had their issues but they were kept under wraps for the most part. Together, it was like mixing two volatile and combustible elements that brought out the worst in each individual. That’s what I see happening with Paige and ADR.

  • Arnold Jackson

    While I don’t agree with your examples, I absolutely agree with the premise you are saying. The premise is absolutely the truth. Good job saying what most people only think.

  • MrDr3w

    Paige’s situation was a little different, at least it was for me.


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  • M

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. People should let reality, be reality.

  • Will Henderson

    these days, a women wrestler can turn heel on a huge fan base by saying she’s married, and it could be even worse if the man she marries is a favorite of the IWC to either love or hate.

    example 1: AJ Lee, she hooked up with CM Punk in real life years after the angle in which she was in a brief relationship with Punk during the love triangle/square angle with Kane and Daniel Bryan in 2012 (hard to believe it’s been 5 years ago already) and the IWC started turning on her fast the moment she got engaged to Punk.

    example 2: Paige recently got into a relationship with Alberto Del Rio/Alberto El Patron and this relationship had kinda turned Paige’s male fans off from her.

    moral of the story, you want heat as a female wrestler in the WWE and your very popular with your fans, then get married and they will turn on you instantly. it’s called the “can’t have her, might as well hate her” affect. that’s what happens when most of the male fan base thinks they have a shot with a hot female wrestler but in reality the women wrestlers are just like the normal hot chick you try to chase to hook up, you know it’s not gonna happen so why even bother.