Sasha Banks ‘Pulled’ From WWE Smackdown

Following WrestleMania and the big release which saw ten superstars let go, WWE continues to make cuts where they see appropriate. Many superstars are either being written off of television or they are pulled from the show last minute. As crazy as it may sound, Sasha Banks is the most recent person to be pulled. Sasha Banks Leaks ‘Offensive’ Drew McIntyre Video.



After Sasha Banks lost her match against Bianca Belair, we didn’t hear too much from her. Directly after the WrestleMania match on the following episode of Smackdown, we saw Sasha speak up about her loss in a rather cringe worthy segment where she just said “Bianca” and huffed and puffed for what felt like a lifetime.

WWE now have taken a step back from Sasha Banks as she was recently pulled off of this week’s broadcast of the blue brand, Smackdown. Could this signify a distaste for Sasha’s recent interview which left many embarrassed for her? Most likely not. What is happening is that WWE are setting up a title run for Bayley to go after Bianca.

Sasha Banks is being written out of the title picture and Bayley will now be seen more often while WWE figures out how to write Sasha back on the show without her going for the title.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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