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Sasha Banks Reportedly Given A Few Weeks Off After Her Attempt To Quit WWE

Sasha Banks made some headlines last week when she missed a number of scheduled appearances after WrestleMania and soon afterward, the reports of her trying to quit WWE became a topic of discussion.

Since then we have had more than a half a dozen reports on the reason behind Banks’ decision and WWE’s reaction to her request for a release.

The latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter tied all these reports in and revealed that it was a combination of things that led to this and it confirmed that Banks has been given a few weeks off to think about her future:

“So it was the combination of not getting the title run they expected to establish the belts as meaningful and not joke belts, and splitting up their team so quickly that got both of them upset. Bayley was upset but didn’t quit or anything. Banks was given a few weeks off when she tried to quit with the idea of them sorting things out and time off would lead her to wanting to come back. Despite rumors to the contrary, she was never booked for television this week, at least since WrestleMania.”

As we noted before there were reports of Sasha Banks being booked for Money In The Banks but according to Meltzer, WWE is not sure she will be back by the time and no decision has been made on her future so far.

  • The Random Reader

    Don’t worry Sasha, the Men’s tag teams are way better than yours

  • ROB-1.

    Sounds like she is acting like a baby. She does not like what goes on WWE should let her go.