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Sasha Banks reportedly upset with her position in WWE

Sasha Banks

  • Killswitch

    Not sure if trying to make a bad joke or if you’re just being ignorant.

  • Whistling Joe

    Because being stripped down to your unmentionables is supposed to be humiliating, though there are so many whores these days that it doesn’t have the same impact it did twenty years ago.

  • Why is it humiliating? Women are only good for one thing.

  • Whistling Joe

    I wouldn’t mind the return of some bra and panties matches. If it’s okay to humiliate men by having them pee themselves or get tipped over in porta-potties, why is it not okay to humiliate the women?

  • oppa

    It would be more of a problem if she wasn’t upset. The company publicly said she had 3 of the top 5 women’s matches in their history before she was 25, multiple women, including Becky have said that they had their best match with her, Ronda has said that she’s not ready to compete with Sasha at this point in her career, they won’t do the match with Bayley for some dumb reason and now she’s watching her dream of being the main event at WrestleMania going to other people. It’s like Punk’s situation where it’s clear that the company has not plans for her to headline Mania, and it seems like the tag titles were supposed to be a way to keep her and Bayley happy. But with both being open about wanting to work in other countries, AEW would be the best place for them.


    sasha has to start competing in bra and panties match look at lita and trish for example do more fun backstage skits

  • gar216

    It’s similar to WCW in the mid 90’s. WWE is essentially keeping people so that the competitors can’t use them. Do you remember when wcw used to do those 90 man battle royals and we got to see how many guys were just wasting away on their roster, collecting a minimum pay.

  • gar216

    Agreed, and one thing that I will add. The “look” has always been a characteristic included to make a top guy. We had a period with the divas where they all had “the look” but none were capable wrestlers. Then we hit the point that truely exceptional female wrestlers started to emerge and rightfully got their shot. Unfortunately, out of the blue and in a very short time, female wrestlers who look like the divas of old, but are also athletically gifted came out of nowhere.

    WWE is still the top of the mountain. Some people just can’t be the top of their division because that position is already being held.

    It’s unfortunate, but Kurt Angle never got the chance until Austin got hurt. It’s just wrestling.

  • Rinn13

    This is what is so ridiculous about so many NXT fans constantly clamoring for every notable indie and international star under the sun to be signed to NXT. As you say, there isn’t room for all of those wrestlers in NXT, let alone on the main roster. The WWE used to “purge” their roster by several cuts, usually after WM, every year, which would then make room for new wrestlers. In this glorious WWE Network era, they don’t seem to do that anymore. In fact they barely seem to release people anymore, and there are many wrestlers like Zach Ryder, Kurt Hawkins, Tyler Breeze, Primo and Epico, Heath Miller, Curtis Axel, etc., who the company barely does anything meaningful with most of the time, yet they seem perfectly content to “get a steady pay-check”, even though their actual in-ring careers as wrestlers could be much more active, and notable, elsewhere.

    It’s becoming a problem, as you point out, that they simply don’t have room for all this new talent when they still have all these other guys and girls they’ve had around for literally years. And it’s actually kinda laughable that WWE is basically bleeding money, in a sense, having ALL of this talent signed, when they do next to nothing with so many of them. It’s completely pointless.

  • AmishPatel

    Good post that

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Agreed. It seems very cyclical, especially with the women’s division. Because it’s smaller, it seems like everyone eventually gets the belt, and they have shorter careers in general.

    Sasha and Bayley are in the same spot right now, and I am guessing they will be the first women’s tag champs. That being said, yes, she is getting a match against Rousey at the Rumble, so it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

  • gar216

    At this point, who isn’t upaet with their spot? They are having the same issues they had back in the Ruthless Aggression era. Too much talent, and they don’t know what to do with it. There literally isn’t room for any new NXT call-ups. They either need to purge talent which will be tough with all of the competitors starting to show signs of life, or start letting them wrestle. Tape the house shows, edit them together and do a “best of the week” on the network. Then use Raw and SD as an exclamation point to those matches.