Sasha Banks Ruined Ex-Diva’s Return To WWE?

The WWE is gearing up for another draft, but it looks like Sasha Banks and Naomi won’t be hearing their names called. In fact, it’s been almost a year since “The Boss” and “The Glow” walked out of the WWE, and a lot has happened since then. Ringside News recently reached out to Mercedes Mone (aka Sasha Banks) and Trinity Fatu (aka Naomi) to get their take on the situation.



According to Ringside News sources, Naomi was actually offered a contract at the same time as Sasha, and was ready to sign. However, things took a turn when Sasha decided to hold out for more favorable terms. This caused Naomi to also hold out, and eventually led to Sasha cutting other deals without her partner involved.

This situation didn’t go unnoticed by WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who reportedly laughed at a joke backstage about the walkout. The incident also opened the door for a few WWE personalities to take jabs at the former Women’s Tag Team Champions. However, not everyone was so quick to comment on the situation – for example, Bianca Belair refused to publicly weigh in.

Even former WWE wrestler CM Punk had something to say about the walkout, though he was criticized for “virtue signaling.” Meanwhile, some other WWE Superstars reportedly benefited from the situation, such as Liv Morgan, who was said to have received a push due to the shakeup.

As for the two women at the center of this drama, Mercedes Mone’s contract with NJPW is set to expire soon, as she only inked a deal through May to take care of dates. Naomi, on the other hand, has yet to resurface anywhere, with reports suggesting that her asking price was too steep for STARDOM.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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