Sasha Banks Sends Photo To Vince McMahon

Sasha Banks continues to dominate the world as she is now up for an Emmy with her role in ‘The Mandalorian’. Sasha received tons of praise for her role and she surprised many with how good she was not only at acting, but doing her own stunts as well. Sasha ensured to let Vince know about what he’s got in the star as she tagged him on Twitter. Edge & Sasha Banks Bombshell Leaks.



Sasha stated that she couldn’t wait to show Vince her Emmy. Hopefully having that on her list of accomplishments also sees a boost in her pay by McMahon and she continues to get more and more roles in the world of Hollywood.

Sasha Banks recently spoke with Just Women’s Sports podcast, where she talked about her mother especially not liking her in-ring name.

Sasha said: “The name came really just randomly. They asked me to put a long list of names, and I always remember putting Sasha with a different last name and Banks with a different first name. And I remember just debuting at a house show for WWE and I needed a name. I was kind of just Mercedes KV. Finally Sara Del Rey came into the room and said ‘we got you a name.’ I go ‘oh what is it?’ She goes ‘it’s Sasha Banks.’ I’m like ‘oh! I love it. That sounds really really good!’

“I texted my mom. I said ‘hey mom, I got a WWE name. It’s Sasha Banks.’ She ended up calling me and goes ‘that’s a porn star name! Tell them to change it!’ I go ‘mom I can’t tell WWE to change the name.’ That’s how my mom is. She’s come around to the name. She’s like Mama Banks now.”

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