Sasha Banks Shows Goods In Hospital Photo

Sasha Banks took to Twitter and updated fans on her condition, after she suffered a broken ankle injury during NJPW Resurgence. She was seen resting in the hospital bed.



WRESTLING!!!! Phewnot how I dreamed for tonight to go. I’m so sorry and I love you guys so much. I’m gonna heal and be back better than ever. Moné@njpwglobal


In a surprising turn of events, WWE experienced the departures of Sasha Banks and Naomi from the company in May of the previous year. However, much has transpired since then, and nearly a year later, another setback has befallen the wrestling world. Mercedes Mone, widely known as a talented performer, recently suffered a broken ankle, leaving her sidelined for the time being.

Breaking her silence after the injury, Mercedes Mone showcased her resilience and positive outlook despite the unfortunate circumstances. The wrestling community rallied behind her, offering support and encouragement during her road to recovery. Additionally, the injury forced a change of plans for an upcoming title match in NJPW.

During the NJPW Resurgence event, Tamina Snuka was present backstage, extending her assistance to Mercedes Mone. It was reported by Sean Sapp on Twitter that Tamina not only provided backstage support but also accompanied Mercedes to the hospital following her injury. This act of camaraderie and solidarity among peers highlights the bond within the wrestling fraternity.

Tamina’s benevolent nature and genuine concern for her colleagues have been widely praised. Chelsea Green, a wrestler who had previously experienced a broken wrist, shared her appreciation for Tamina’s care during their own match. Green believed that without Tamina’s assistance, her injury could have been even more severe, potentially resulting in a shattered wrist. The overwhelming positive feedback about Tamina speaks volumes about her character and the impact she has on those around her.


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