Saudi Arabian journalist comments on WWE’s travel woes after Crown Jewel

There were lots of rumors about WWE stars getting stuck in Saudi Arabia after the recent Crown Jewel event and one of the rumors said that Mr McMahon had cut the live feed of the show over issues related to the payment.



However, a Saudi Arabia journalist Mr. King recently debunked this rumor when he had an interview with WrestlingInc where he talked about the company’s partnership with the Kingdom.

The journalist was asked about the show’s feed and he revealed that the event was being broadcasted with an unusual delay which his family noticed because he was there live:

“I heard about it because when I came home my family told me I was taking photos of something that they weren’t watching on TV. I was taking pictures of something earlier,” said King. There was a delay of maybe 30-40 minutes.”

He was also asked about the travel woes of WWE stars after the event earlier this year and the Saudi resident said that in his opinion, it was a paperwork problem:

“About the travel issues, there is no official statement about it but in my opinion it’s a paperwork problem. When you take a piece of work for a couple of days and your flight didn’t take you out of the country, it’s a little bit of a problem. There’s a hotel inside the airport and they slept there and took another flight,”

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