Scarlett Shows Legs With Maxxine Dupri In Sultry Photos

Karrion Kross is one of the biggest names to step back into the ropes this year. He was released last year, but just as Triple H took charge, he decided to go with the person he has his high hopes for, and Kross alongside Scarlett were the first names rehired by the WWE.



He returned on the August 5th episode of SmackDown and attacked Drew McIntyre. The two settled their feud once in for all at WWE Crown Jewel in a steel cage match. Drew won the bout as he stepped out first from the cage. McIntyre called it the end of the feud between him and Kross during a backstage interview at the show.

WWE may have to look for a new storyline for Kross, but Karrion is going to appear at MLW’s November 17th show. The match at the MLW Fusion show which was taped before Kross joined WWE will air alongside the others on the same day. WWE has opened the forbidden door and is working with different businesses. It is a welcome sign for various people.

It goes to show that fans can expect their favorite superstars somewhere else too because Triple H is open to business. On the other hand, Scarlett is busy showing off her skills in front of the camera and posing for the fans. You can watch the content here.

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