Schwarzenegger Drops Sad OJ Simpson Bombshell

The legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently discussed OJ Simpson being considered to play The Terminator in his new Arnold documentary.



“No one was hooked to OJ playing The Terminator, because nobody could see him as a killing machine.”

Meanwhile, Fubar, the first TV show to star Arnold Schwarzenegger, was bigger than Succession and Ted Lasso combined in late May. Per data analytics company Nielsen (as covered by The Hollywood Reporter), the action comedy series amassed a whopping 1.53 billion minutes streamed in its first week on Netflix. Admittedly, that only equates to 25.6 million hours, but they’re still impressive numbers for Arnie’s small-screen debut.

What’s even more remarkable is how Fubar didn’t just hold its own against two titans of the TV industry, but outperformed them in the week running May 22 to 28 (i.e. the week Fubar debuted on Netflix).

According to Nielsen, Succession season 4, which aired on Max in the US, only accrued 541 million minutes across the same seven-day period. Meanwhile, the third season of Ted Lasso, the multi-award-winning soccer comedy series that’s become an Apple TV Plus stalwart, performed slightly better at 769 million minutes watched.

Even that figure, though, pales in comparison to the numbers Fubar posted. In fact, adding Succession and Ted Lasso‘s figures together – 1.31 billion minutes watched – doesn’t match Fubar‘s 1.53 billion. In short: two of the world’s most popular shows of 2023 couldn’t hold a candle to the star power that the man affectionately dubbed ‘Arnie’ wields.

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