Schwarzenegger Drops Trump Legal Bombshell

According to Axios, twenty years after being sworn in as California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared reflections on his political journey and the current state of American politics in an interview with Axios. Discussing the potential for Donald Trump or Joe Biden to be president again, Schwarzenegger expressed a belief in the need for new blood and visionary leaders. He emphasized the flaws of both politicians and the importance of finding strong leaders to address pressing issues like immigration, healthcare, and national debt.



Schwarzenegger addressed the uncertainty surrounding Trump’s legal situation and Biden’s potential reelection, emphasizing the premature nature of discussions about poll numbers and candidates. Open to the idea of a third-party candidate, he expressed a desire for fresh perspectives and new leadership.

Highlighting concerns about gerrymandering and the impact on extreme political views, Schwarzenegger emphasized the importance of a true democracy that encourages participation. He reflected on his personal understanding of democracy, describing it as a system that provides freedom, opportunities, and the chance for individuals to participate actively.

In terms of his own aspirations, Schwarzenegger discussed his focus on teaching others the lessons he has learned to promote happiness and success. Encouraging individuals to have a clear vision and purpose in life, he emphasized the value of hard work and giving back to the community. Drawing on his own experiences in bodybuilding, acting, and politics, Schwarzenegger shared insights into the mindset and dedication required for success, urging against shortcuts and emphasizing the importance of community engagement.

“I’m a big believer in new blood and a new generation. But if that’s what it needs, if that’s what this country needs, to have that kind of a showdown again and to finally find out, you know, that Biden is, you know, the legitimate president, then so be it.

“The bottom line is, I think we need to find new leaders. To me they’re both flawed and I just think we’re at a time now where we need someone strong, where we need visionaries, and not people that tinker around with little Mickey Mouse stuff.

“They’re [politicians in Washington] killing themselves to get just a simple budget going. I mean, where are we now? You know, it’s just, it’s embarrassing to the rest of the world the way we kind of, like, can’t get things done, we can’t solve the immigration issue, we can’t solve the health care issue, we can’t solve the debt that we’re accumulating and the deficit that we continuously have… all the infrastructure problems…”

“We don’t know where is Trump going to be, legally. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Biden, if he really is going to stay in. We don’t know if there’s not a third candidate coming. So I think all of this is premature, to talk about poll numbers, to talk about any of this stuff.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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