Schwarzenegger Ex-Wife Reveals Sad Health Problem

The legendary action star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, Maria Shriver recently opened up about her rare pregnancy condition, Hyperemesis Gravidarum.



Maria Shriver talks about health issues

The news surfaced on March 15th after she dedicated a Twitter post to the issue. It was noted in an article that the mother of four intended to spread awareness and highlighted a story of an affected doctor who was determined to bring change. In a similar effort, she recently shared another aspect of her health struggles.

Nearing 70, Shriver certainly has the in-depth knowledge and expertise on some aspects of life that might prove beneficial for many going through a similar phase.

It was on Saturday that she again took to her Twitter to update the world about frozen shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis. She shed light on the matter by resharing a tweet by American TV celeb, Joelle Hannah Fletcher. The latter claimed to be suffering from the condition and asked for help. Here’s what happened.

Per the Twitter update, the 67-year-old journalist admitted to having experienced a “frozen shoulder” phase. It was a distressing time for the Former First Lady of California, per the source.“Yes, I had it. It’s super painful and lasted a while,” her post read.

Furthermore, offering a piece of precious advice, she added, “Physical therapy was helpful! Good luck.” On the other hand, The Bachelorette lead star, Fletcher, seemed quite overwhelmed by her diagnosis. She wrote, “I was just at the orthopedist, and apparently I have something called “frozen shoulder”. I guess I need physical therapy.” 

The 32-year-old enquired others if anyone had experienced it before, which called for the notable personality’s attention. “Has anyone else had that? And if so, did the PT help?” the post later asked. The valuable guidance from Shriver shall undoubtedly prove fruitful for the young celebrity. However, when addressing the pregnancy concern, she hailed the doctor’s contributions for bringing up the issue to the public’s eye.

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