Schwarzenegger Humiliated Bruce Willis At Restaurant

According to the book “The Last Action Heroes: The Triumphs, Flops, and Feuds of Hollywood’s Kings of Carnage,” Arnold Schwarzenegger had an interesting encounter with Bruce Willis after Willis took on the iconic role of John McClane in the film “Die Hard.”



Schwarzenegger, who was considered one of the biggest action movie stars of his time, was initially offered the role of John McClane but turned it down. The book reveals that after “Die Hard” was released and became a massive success, Schwarzenegger and Willis happened to be dining at the same upscale restaurant, the Ivy by the Shore, in Santa Monica.

As the story goes, Schwarzenegger was already seated at the restaurant when Willis entered and took a table on the other side. Seemingly unable to resist a playful jab, Schwarzenegger called out to Willis across the room, making sure everyone present could hear him. He asked Willis if he knew why he would never be an action star, to which Willis inquired, “No, Arnold, why?”

Schwarzenegger then proceeded to flex his biceps, pointing to his muscular arm and humorously announcing in his distinct Austrian accent, “Toothpick arms.” It was a lighthearted comment poking fun at Willis’ physical build compared to Schwarzenegger’s own legendary muscular physique.

Despite not taking on the role of John McClane, Schwarzenegger’s comment was all in good fun and showed the camaraderie and playful rivalry that can exist between actors in the competitive world of Hollywood. “Die Hard” indeed became a monumental success, solidifying Bruce Willis’ position as a prominent action movie star and launching him into a long and successful career in show business.

The playful banter between Schwarzenegger and Willis adds a fun anecdote to the history of “Die Hard” and the intriguing dynamics of Hollywood’s action movie genre. Both actors have left an indelible mark on the film industry, and their contributions to action cinema continue to be celebrated by audiences worldwide.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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