Schwarzenegger Posts Clint Eastwood Photo After Health Rumors

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to his Instagram and uploaded a photo of himself along with Clint Eastwood while rumors of his declining health ensue.



Happy birthday, Clint! You’ve inspired me, you’ve mentored me, and you’re a wonderful friend. At 93, you prove that heroes don’t retire – they reload. You’re a legend.


Recent reports about the health of veteran actor Clint Eastwood have sparked concern among his fans and colleagues. According to, the 92-year-old actor has not been seen in public for a staggering 408 days. This extended absence is unprecedented for Eastwood, who is known for his robust health and active lifestyle.

The last time Eastwood was photographed publicly was on February 6, 2022, when he attended the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament. Since then, he has seemingly retreated from the public eye, raising questions about his well-being. Friends and colleagues in Hollywood have expressed worry, speculating that his health may have taken a turn for the worse.

One noticeable concern is Eastwood’s physical appearance. A doctor who has not treated the actor noted a deep curve in his upper back, which could be indicative of weak bones or significant osteoporosis, conditions that are common among individuals as they age. This observation has further fueled speculation about his health and potential underlying medical issues.

Adding to the concerns is the lack of upcoming projects for Eastwood. Currently, he only has two small post-production appearances as himself, indicating a decrease in his involvement in the entertainment industry. This is surprising, considering Eastwood’s lifelong dedication to his craft and his previous commitment to continue acting as long as there was an audience for his work.

Eastwood’s most recent film, Cry Macho, was released in 2021 and received mixed reviews, along with disappointing box office results. However, the film’s reception did not deter Eastwood from expressing his plans to continue working. As of last spring, he had shown no signs of retirement, further confounding his absence from the public eye.

Fans and admirers of Eastwood around the world are left wondering about the veteran actor’s well-being. They eagerly await news about his health and hope for his swift return to the screen. Until then, the prolonged absence of this iconic figure in the entertainment industry continues to raise questions and concern among those who hold him in high regard.

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