Schwarzenegger Reveals Truth About Taylor Swift & Kelce

Pop sensation Taylor Swift has recently made headlines for her appearances at NFL games, particularly in support of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. Swift’s presence at various NFL events has stirred both positive and negative reactions online, with some accusing the NFL of giving the singer excessive attention during games.



Amid the controversy, actor, politician, and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has stepped forward to defend Taylor Swift. Schwarzenegger credits Swift with significantly expanding the NFL’s fanbase, asserting that her presence has attracted a new demographic, particularly younger girls, to the sport.

Despite accusations from some NFL fans that the league prioritized Swift over on-field action, claiming her appearances were geared towards boosting ratings and ticket sales, the NFL’s chief VP for social, influencer, and content marketing, Ian Trombetta, defended their strategy. He mentioned that content related to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce accounted for less than 3 percent of the total volume, emphasizing that they listen to fan feedback and adjust accordingly.

Swift’s attendance at NFL games has reportedly contributed to increased viewership, ticket and jersey sales, as well as heightened female viewership. The singer’s support for the Chiefs and Kelce has also led to a growth in their follower count.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, praised Taylor Swift for bringing a fresh audience to football and acknowledged her impact on attracting younger girls to the sport. Despite the criticism and attention surrounding Swift’s NFL appearances, other celebrities, including Adele, have expressed support for the pop star, highlighting her entertainment value and positive influence on the game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has also appreciated Swift for attending the games.

“Football itself draws the hugest crowd because it’s the most popular sport. But then to have someone like her be there and watch the game adds another kind of a thing that [attracts] a different audience. Especially younger girls are now more into football, they know the rules and all of that stuff, so it’s really amazing.”

As the discussion around Taylor Swift’s involvement in NFL events continues, her impact on the league’s dynamics and fan engagement remains a notable aspect of the ongoing narrative.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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