Scott Hall Cause of Death Stuns WWE Fans

Scott Hall, professional wrestling champion in multiple companies and Hall of Famer has passed away at the age of sixty-three, with the Scott Hall cause of death being three heart attacks due to a loose blood clot as a result of his hip surgery a week prior. Hall’s record as a professional wrestler and sports entertainer would speak for itself. He would break into the National Wrestling Alliance in 1984 and quickly feud with one of the industry’s top names – ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. This Scott Hall ‘last video’ was revealed recently.



Following a one-year stint with that promotion, Hall joined the American Wrestling Association where he would capture the AWA World Tag Team Championships with Curt Hennig. Following a short stint in World Championship Wrestling in 1989 – Hall would bounce around from promotion to promotion. However, it wasn’t until he made his second return to WCW in 1991 that fans truly began to notice the potential of Scott Hall and what he ultimately could become.

In 1991 Hall would be repackaged into ‘The Diamond Studd’ a cocky wrestler from ‘The Diamond Mine’. As Studd and with ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page as his manager, he would invite women into the ring and would be off to the races. In his debut match, he squashed Tommy Rich on the June 14 edition of Clash of the Champions XV: Knoxville, Tennessee. He defeated ‘The Z Man’ Tom Zenk at The Great American Bash. However, an injury would ultimately sideline Hall in December of 1991 and Hall left WCW shortly after a final televised match on May 8.

Hall would soon leave for the World Wrestling Federation in 1992 to quick fanfare. As Razor Ramon, Hall would see support the likes that he had never seen before and some fans would argue this is where Hall saw the most out of his potential. While they would be wrong, Razor Ramon set the groundwork for many incarnations of Hall to come, including his time in the NWO. Razor Ramon was inspired heavily by Tony Montana and Scarface, Following weeks of buildup Ramon won against a local competitor on August 8, 1992.

In addition to being a record-setting Intercontinental champion – winning the championship four times, the Ramon character had the match of the year against Shawn Michaels in 1994 at WrestleMania X. Ramon would challenge for the WWE Championship at the 1993 Royal Rumble before tapping out to the Sharpshooter. In 1996 he would eventually leave for World Championship Wrestling yet again.

According to Hall, this was because they offered him more days off. Hall would debut in WCW announced on May 27, 1996. The acclaimed faction – New World Order would form later that year on July 7th, 1996 when Hulk Hogan was added to the mix.

Hall has the rare distinction to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame twice – both as Razor Ramon and as a member of New World Order. Scott Hall leaves behind two children including fellow professional wrestler – Cody Hall. Rest in Peace Scott Hall.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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