Scott Hall predicts AEW’s first battle will be with NXT

In October, All Elite Wrestling will officially be launching their weekly TV show, giving fans a new product to watch every Wednesday. While this doesn’t put them on the same night as WWE’s two main shows, it will bring competition to their Network exclusive brand, NXT.



On the latest edition of the WINCLY Podcast, Scott Hall said that the Black & Gold brand will be AEW’s first hurdle. With NXT becoming a more globally recognized brand, it’ll be a tough fight for them.

I think AEW is basically competing with NXT. NXT is booming and global and now that TV wants wrestling, every network is a copycat network. People want more wrestling on TV so it won’t be long until NXT has a show, I predict. And you heard it here first.

Hall feels that it’s best to go head-to-head with competition instead of trying to stay separate, believing that it brings the best out of each product. If the WWE decides to bring NXT to TV, he thinks it could do wonders for both them and AEW.

If you believe in your product, then you put it right up against the guy. I’m coming in right next door and we’re gonna compete for the money. It makes everything sharper and better.

Since the announcement of WWE’s deal with FOX, it’s been rumored that the third brand may be making its way to one of the network’s other channels. If that did happen, we would get a pretty interesting weekly battle from the companies. A Wednesday Night War may be on the horizon.

If NXT did move to TV, would you choose to watch that or AEW? Let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to check out the August 8th edition of the WINCLY Podcast, click here. Hall also speaks on Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, and his visit to the Performance Center.

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